The most common types of hockey bets

Bookmakers today offer bettors a wide range of hockey bets. 메이저사이트 must determine for himself which bets he prefers. On the Oddspedia website you will find a convenient match center and detailed statistics of hockey matches. We help our visitors to follow the developments in hockey and make winning bets.
Winner Betting

Another name for the market is exodus. You bet on the victory of the first team, a draw or the victory of the second opponent.

In hockey, as in many other sports, there are three main outcomes: W1 (first team wins), W2 (second team wins), and X (draw). Offices usually set the smallest margin on these markets, respectively, betting on outcomes is beneficial for bettors.

In addition, the lines have “Double Exodus” or “Double Chance”. It is designated as 1X (1st team win or draw), 2X (2nd team win or draw) and 12 (no draw).

Bets on the outcome are accepted, in most cases, for the main time of the fights. For bettors who want to cheer for the team’s victory, taking into account the possible overtime and shootouts, appropriate positions are offered in the match schedule.
Total Over/Under

Total – the total number of goals that both teams will score in a match or a specific period. Bets are also accepted on the individual total of each team and on the performance of the players (total goals scored or points scored).

Bookmakers put a certain value in the line, which is the total. The player is asked to guess whether more or less than the specified number of goals will be scored. For one match, bookmakers offer several options for totals: the higher the status of the match, the more options there will be in the line.

The performance in hockey matches is much higher than football. Therefore, if in football matches the standard total is 2.5, then in hockey it is 5.5. The bet “total over 5.5” (TB 5.5) means that 6 or more goals must be scored in the match. With the bet “total under 5.5” (UT 5.5), you need to cheer so that teams for two score no more than 5 goals.

Accumulators in betting are bets on several outcomes at once in different fights. In another way, they are called express bets.

Parlays are extremely popular among betting beginners, because with such a bet, the odds of all selected events are multiplied. Consequently, the bettor gets the opportunity to hit the big jackpot even with a small bet amount.

However, easy, at first glance, profit is deceptive. For an accumulator to play, absolutely all events must match in it. Even if one option turns out to be incorrect, you will lose the entire bet. Professional bettors do not recommend placing accumulators on hockey in general or including a maximum of two events in them.

Let’s say in the NHL matches “Washington” – “Colorado” and “Tampa” – “Detroit” you bet 1000 rubles on the hosts’ victory in regular time. The coefficients were 2.5 and 1.6, respectively, the total – 4.0. If both teams win at the end of 3 periods, you will win 4000 rubles. But if only “Washington” or only “Tampa” celebrates Victoria, your accumulator will not play.
Puck betting

Bookmakers offer several types of hockey puck betting. In addition to the total number of goals scored (total), you can guess:

which team will score the first and last goal;
which of the opponents will score the 2nd, 3rd, 4th puck and so on;
which team will win the race up to a certain number of pucks (up to 2, up to 3, etc.);
whether the puck will be scored in the shorthand;
whether the puck will be thrown into an empty net.

These are just the most popular ice hockey betting options. Please note that on big markets, offices offer a richer painting – there you can find not only the above, but also other interesting options.

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