Long-term and special rates

Long-term bets on tennis are made before the start of the tournament. In another way they are called outrights. Most often, bookmakers offer to bet on the winner of the competition or on the athlete’s entry into the final. Tennis doesn’t have many options for outrights, unlike hockey or football.

Many bookmakers strive to please customers more often, sometimes offering unusual tennis betting options. For example, BC “1Xstavka”, which is distinguished by a solid list of tennis matches, offers the following types of unusual bets:

combined bets (match outcome + total games/sets);
whether there will be a tie-break in the match;
performance of sets (1>2, 1=2, 1<2);
set/match (bet on the winner of the first set and the winner of the match at the same time).

Also, in the most popular matches (like the Grand Slam finals), bookmakers offer special bets on statistics. So, you can find a bet on the number of break points, aces, double faults, the percentage of hitting the first serve, and so on.
How do live tennis bets work?

Live tennis betting strategy can differ significantly from betting on other sports. In the game, it is important to take into account the psychological state of the athlete. One player may be significantly stronger than the other in terms of technique and physics, but even a small psychological failure at the end of the game can cost him victory in it.

Psychology is especially important in women’s tennis. It is not uncommon for a stronger tennis player to lose a game, and with it a set, making 4 double faults. For example, Belarusian Victoria Azarenka (ex-first racket of the world) was noted for such an “achievement” in September at a tournament in Chicago in a match with Haley Baptiste.

Live tennis bets bribe bettors with the opportunity not to wait for the end of the match, but to get a quick bet settlement. In this case, live bets by games will be relevant. It is recommended to choose women’s matches on the ground – in these fights the number of breaks is especially high. In Live mode, try to bet on breaks (winning the game on the opponent’s serve). The strength of the opponents before the match should be approximately equal.
How to bet on tennis: step by step instructions

Each bookmaker has several features of betting on tennis and sports in general, but, by and large, the algorithm is the same everywhere. 사설토토 -by-step tennis betting guide is designed primarily for beginner bettors who are not yet very familiar with the world of gambling.

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