Auto Draft

They start when three symbols appear that say Scatter, Free Spins or Bonus. Bonuses rarely drop out, but they can win an amount that exceeds the bet by 30-50 times , or even higher. For comparison: in a regular game, you can win a maximum of 10 times more.

In some slots you can win the jackpot. In some games, it accumulates gradually, but more often it is just a fixed large amount. Naturally, the chance to pick up the jackpot is minimal.

To play, you need to register on the site and make a deposit. You can withdraw your winnings to the card, but you will have to go through identity verification: attach scans of your passport and bank card from which you made the deposit.

In each casino, money is withdrawn at a different speed. For example, on one of the sites where I played, the transfer did not arrive earlier than a day later. I am sure that this was invented on purpose: gamblers do not like to wait a long time and within a few minutes after the withdrawal request they can cancel it and start playing again. The hardest thing is not to win, but to stop and not lose everything.
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I make money playing poker, how do I pay taxes?

Slots work on a random number generator that determines the chance and amount of winnings. 카지노사이트 . But the player is shown a whole performance, at the end of which his winnings are supposedly calculated.

Each slot has an RTP – return to player, the percentage of return to players. The RTP size can be found in the help section of the game. Usually they write that the RTP is 95-96% . But even this does not mean that each participant will receive back most of their money: the point is that the game gives this share of the total cash to random players. The casino keeps only 4-5% of all the money for itself – if this is the case, then 4% is a lot, considering how much people leave daily in the machines. In addition, the gambler immediately again brings the money won back to the casino – I know for myself.

If a person hit the jackpot in a particular slot, it will not work to win in it for some time. My acquaintance, the player in the eyeballs, thinks that there is an RTP mode: while you are in it, the slot will not bring significant money, and in order to exit this mode, you need to make bets on the amount more than you won. That is, let the casino earn. Let’s say you get 200 thousand, then you lose 220 thousand – and only then can you win again. In general, you will be in the red, and the casino will be in the black.

But none of the players knows how this system actually works, and casinos and providers do not advertise their algorithms. Perhaps the RTP mode is just my friend’s guess, but it explains well why you can’t win after you’ve made money on the slot.

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